Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to rent Belamour for a wedding?

Our wedding day prices are listed here.


What is included with the rental cost?

When you rent the day at Belamour you have access to our barn and covered patio, outdoor ceremony area, Bridal Cottage, Groom’s Quarters, fire pit, tables and chairs, an abundance of décor, kitchen/serving items, and more. A one hour rehearsal the week of your wedding is included. Which day depends on availability.


Are there any items that cost extra to use?

We do offer some items for an extra fee if you wish to use them. These items include tablecloths, napkins, chargers, silverware, glassware, and plates.


What is the guest capacity at your venue?

175 guests including the wedding party.


What dates do you have available?

See our list of available dates here.


Do you allow alcohol?

We do allow alcohol. A bartender is required and only beer, wine, and two specialty mixed drinks are permitted.

Do you have a different rental price for receptions only?

Unfortunately, whether or not there is a ceremony held at the venue we have to charge the same price since we cannot host another event the same day.

Do you allow outside vendors?

Outside vendors are allowed. We also have a list of our recommended vendors if you are still on the hunt.


Do you have air conditioning?

We do have air conditioning and ceiling fans in the barn, but it is best to keep in mind that our barn is over 125 years old. In the midst of our Missouri Summer heat, sometimes our air conditioning cannot keep up with the scorching temperatures. There is a chance that it can still be hot in the barn and we may have to resort to opening the doors and windows to create an airflow in lieu of relying on the AC.


How do I book a tour?

Fill out our tour booking form here to set up a date.

Springfield Wedding Venues - Belamour

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