Springfield Wedding Venues - Belamour
Springfield Wedding Venues - Belamour

All About Belamour Turning Dreams Into Reality

Belamour was once a dream that eventually grew into a place where dreams were made. The owner, Kim, has always had a passion for serving others, but didn’t exactly know how to turn that passion into more than just a hobby.

In 2011 Kim’s husband, Howard Bell, was diagnosed with ALS. He had always encouraged her to shoot for the stars and do what brings her joy. After Howard passed away in 2013, Kim realized she had to find something that brought true purpose into her life.

This is where the story of Belamour begins.

Kim purchased the property in 2015 and started to turn her dreams into reality. After a year of renovations the first wedding was hosted in June 2016. If the first wedding wasn’t special enough, this was even more special, because it was the wedding of her youngest daughter, Kameron.

Kim and Kameron now run Belamour together as a family business. They love nothing more than sharing such special moments with all of their couples and being a part of their story.


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