Kiley & Logan Alumbaugh 7/7/2017

This wedding is a perfect example of when less is more. Everything was so simple, but is was so perfect. Kiley and Logan are such laid back, genuinely nice people and we enjoyed spending their big day with them.

We definitely had a first at Belamour, as we served FOUR. HUNDRED. hot dogs to their guests. Have you ever seen what 400 hot dogs looks like? Better yet, feels like? I may or may not have halfway dropped the huge pot/cooker/container, WHATEVER you want to call it, and spill hot dog juice all over myself. Luckily, only about ten people saw the drama happen and only about five of them laughed at me the next time I passed by. I haven’t worn those tennis shoes since and my dog has tried to eat them twice. But no hot dogs were harmed in the accident. Don’t worry.

The simplicity of Kiley and Logan’s wedding made everyone’s time so much more enjoyable. People were able to relax and enjoy the love between the newly wedded couple. Kiley and Logan are so amazing together and I can only image what their future holds. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Logan Alumbaugh!

p.s. How freakin’ BEAUTIFUL is their cake? I said this before and I still say it today – this is by far my favorite wedding cake that has been at Belamour. By far.



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