Breanna & Randall Scott 7/1/2017

It’s kind of hard to describe this wedding, besides the fact that it was down right PRETTY. I’m sure there are a million other words I could use instead, but really. It was pretty. Simply put.

The array of flowers and centerpieces brought a huge pop of color without being overwhelming. There were personal little decorations all over the barn. And our favorite touch of all, were the blank booklets that were set out at each table. Each booklet had a number on it that represented not only the table number, but their future anniversaries as well. The guests at each table wrote a note to Breanna and Randall for them to read on that specific anniversary. How awesome is that? They will love reading all those words of advice and “Happy Anniversary!” notes for all the years to come.

Our second favorite part of the wedding were the amazing CUPCAKES! If my memory is correct, there were chocolate, vanilla, mocha, and peanut butter and they were to die for. Not only were they delicious, but Breanna and her bridesmaid’s frosted all of the cupcakes the day before the wedding. And there were A LOT of cupcakes.

This couple was awesome and so was their wedding. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of fancy adjectives to describe something that is just simply pretty as this wedding. We loved it. Congratulations, Breanna and Randall!


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