Amy & Dave Minton 6/17/2017

Okay, I’ll be honest. I don’t have a clue on where I should start talking about this wedding. There are so many things to talk about and so many pictures to share that it is a little overwhelming!

Let’s start off with the food. If you’re from Springfield,  you will appreciate this. If you’re not from Springfield, but were at the wedding, you definitely appreciated this! The theme of dinner was Springfield food. This included Leong’s (deliciously famous), Pasta Express (a staple in Springfield cuisine), and Mexican Villa (no need for further explanation).  Dinner was amazing (yes, we had to make a plate. Do you really blame us), dessert was amazing, and the bar selection was amazing. This wasn’t just the wedding of the year, it was the party of the year.

Amy, Dave, and their families were such a joy to work with. You could just tell how excited they were for this wedding and they enjoyed every single minute of it. The amount of time and effort put into this day was out of this world.

Side note: they brought in their own bathrooms. I know, that sounds kind of weird to rant and rave about, but there were TV’S in the bathrooms. TV’S! How cool is that? And it was only appropriate that Father of the Bride was playing (at least in the girl’s, I can’t speak for the boy’s bathroom).

Moving on… If I sat here and typed out every single thing that I thought was awesome about this wedding, I would run out of room on the page. I will leave it at this: the families, the newlyweds, the food, the fun, the BATHROOMS (had to), the company, and the overall wedding were incredible. It is definitely a celebration that we will never forget.

Congrats, Amy and Dave!








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